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80s Makeup Tutorial – Eyeshadow

Here is a makeup tutorial featuring eyeshadow makeup style from the 80s. We really liked color, a lot of color in the 80s. We were also pretty heavy with the eyeliner to emphasize our eyes, but spent the most energy on our eye shadow. This is a great tutorial because it shows the viewer how to use different colors and glittery eye shadow on the eyelids. I also like the fact that it focuses just on the eyes.

Remember, we weren’t subtle back then. We really wanted to stand out. We were different. We were individuals and we liked to party. We always wanted to look good. You can’t really go wrong with 80s eye makeup if you remember that bigger is always better. Pinks and blues on the eyelids went a really long way. The color red and orange are also good choices for eye shadow.

Lastly the eye shadow has to slant upwards to give it a little cat-like effect.

Check out this video. She really did a great job with explaining the application.


Best of the 80s

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