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80s Madonna Makeup Tutorial

O…M…G… You have got to see this makeup tutorial. This makeup artist, who goes by Aly Art, is absolutely amazing. She looks nothing like Madonna in real life, but she transforms herself into “Like a Virgin” Madonna, circa 1984! I’ve never seen anything like this. One of the commenters said that she looks more like Madonna than Madonna herself. Too true.

She pretty much uses all MAC makeup to create the look and I have to say that MAC is my own personal favorite, as well. It’s well made, blends well and doesn’t break me out. ‘Nuff said.

She even creates a gap in her teeth with her makeup pencil. Too awesome. This woman is an artist. She’s got a mop of hair on her head, just like the “Like a Virgin” video. The side by side pictures of her and Madonna are unbelievable. Can she make anyone look like Madonna? Gifted woman.


Best of the 80s

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