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80s Movies – Beverly Hills Cop

Okay, I fell in love with Eddie Murphy while he was on Saturday Night Live. I would have probably paid to see him in any movie, but this one was the best cop movie ever. First of all, Eddie was like my generation’s Richard Pryor. My friend’s big brother had a copy of his album and we had to sneak to listen to the raunchy recording in her basement. We could not stop laughing and almost got busted a few times.

You know what I loved about this movie? Eddie Murphy’s character, Axl, was smart, creative, irreverent, and brown like me. He was a terrific role model because I was so used to seeing fair-skinned people in leading film roles so this turned everything on its head. Axl was proof that brown people were intelligent and would actually live all the way up to the final credits. A sad joke in our community back then was that brown people were always killed off first in any kind of action or horror movie.

This scene is with Eddie Murphy and Bronson Pinchot as Serge. They had such great chemistry and I just thought it was hilarious.


Best of the 80s

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