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80s TV Shows – The Facts of Life

One of the best TV shows I have ever seen is “The Facts of Life”. After watching that show I wanted my mom to send me away to a boarding school because, apparently, girls have a ton of fun while there. Also, I thought that Tootie would one day be my best friend. She was so funny, wore braces and she skated everywhere! How cool is that?

Seriously, “The Facts of Life” dealt with real issues sometimes too. Near the end of the series there was an episode about Natalie making the decision to lose her virginity. Apparently, Lisa Whelchel did not agree with the topic of the episode and refused to participate in the show that week. I remember watching the episode and I honestly had a problem with it too. Why was it necessary for her to do that? It bothered me at the time that she seemed to make that choice simply because she thought it was time for her to take that step in her life. At the time I really wanted her to focus on herself and what she wanted to do with her life. Now that I’m a lot older I couldn’t care less. She made the decision that was right for her. Maybe my previous puritanical views were more of a reflection of the “Say no to everything” time.

The show also dealt with the crime of attempted rape on two separate occasions, one with Jo and the other with Natalie. They had shows dealing with the subject of alcoholism, suicide, racism and drug abuse, too. Not everything was fun and games in the 80s. Some of the TV shows broke taboo and did stories that no one else would have ever put on the air in the 60s.


Best of the 80s

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