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80s TV Shows – Miami Vice

“Miami Vice” was the best TV show I had ever seen in my life. Period. I wanted to marry either Crockett or Tubbs, leaning more towards Crockett, become an undercover cop in Miami and drive a lamborghini. It was literally a dark show because most of the action occurred at night, when all of the baddies came out that Crockett and Tubbs had to deal with.

Edward James Olmos was also the most awesome lieutenant ever! He spoke quietly but his detectives always paid attention to whatever he had to say. He did such a great job in that role.

Check out episodes of the old TV show when you get a chance. The movie that came out ten years ago did not do the show justice, in my humble opinion. Then again, maybe you can’t replicate a show like that since it was a product of the time.

This picture was on the front of this Miami Vice calendar that I bought back in the day too. Good times, good times…


Best of the 80s

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