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80s Music – Addicted to Love

I love Robert Plant’s song, “Addicted to Love”. It came out in 1985 and looked completely different from all of the other music videos at the time. The women were all gorgeous and the makeup was strong and powerful. The hair was slicked back in a bun to emphasize their beauty and it completely worked. Diversity was not encouraged as much back then, so that’s the only downside. They could have had at least one beautiful brown person in the all-female band. Oh, well. I still loved it.

Okay, the other thing I didn’t like was that the women were obviously not playing their instruments. Really? They couldn’t find any gorgeous female band members to be in the video and actually play the song? That would have been totally awesome if they could have done that. I mean, Sheila E. is gorgeous and we all know she can rock those drums.

Okay, one last thing. The woman playing the keyboard really does not have a sense of rhythm. She’s not moving to the beat. The women on the right are really good, but she’s definitely the weakest link.

I want to focus a little bit more on the makeup. The lips were painted on with such a strong red, glossy lipstick that it really emphasizes the lips on each of their faces. I wonder if the idea of plumping one’s lips goes back to this video.


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