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80s Hair – Big, Bigger and Biggest

Okay, what can I say about 80s hair. We liked our hair big, as big as we could get it. Although, I must admit that there were times when big hair was not favored at all. When Sade’ came along, a lot of us wanted slicked down hair, or we wanted our hair like the women in the Robert Plant video, “Addicted to Love”. But for the most part, the hair was teased, fried and sprayed to get as big as you could possibly get it.

Some of the hairstyles weren’t really that bad! Sometimes the hair was just a little big, so you could rock it now in 2016. Tina Turner’s hair or wig, not sure about that, was always my favorite. I would spend so much time spiking my hair and then spraying it with hairspray to get it to stick up in the air and fall down like hers. Her hair was much longer than mine, but I still tried to get the same look. She was amazing and I wanted to be just like her.

Hair bands like Quiet Riot and Bon Jovi really emphasized the long messy puppydog-like hair on men. It was never very attractive to me, but it did look good when they were bouncing around on stage. Eddie Van Halen’s hair seemed just long enough for me without being too crazy. Plus, he was allowed to have that hair since he was such a gifted guitarist.

Here’s a video of the sensational Tina Turner singing her hit, “What’s Love got to do with It”.


Best of the 80s

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