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Hi all,

I have just started this site because I LOVE THE 80s!!  I can’t help it.  It was a fun time and we totally thought we were hot, with our teased hair and neon shirts.  You can’t tell me we didn’t look good.

Acid wash jeans? Check. Biggest shoulder pads in your favorite suit? Check. Is your guy wearing his best pastel t-shirt with white blazer, white pants, and loafers with no socks? Check. Oh, wait, did you forget your lace fingerless gloves? Can’t walk out without those.

Now, before you go out in your neon shirt, torn on the side for dramatic effect, make sure you wrap a very large belt around your hips to make sure you pick up cool points. Oh, don’t forget to spike and tease your hair to really look hot. Check yourself in the mirror. Looking good.

I can’t explain why we wore the things we wore. I can only share that we had a fun time doing it. TV shows and music made a big impact on the style back then and I wanted to be just like the people in the super new and cool MTV music videos. I especially loved Miami Vice, regardless of the violence and the statement is was making about the drug trade. All I knew was that the guys were hot and they always looked good in any sticky situation.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say hi.  I will be back with more awesome 80s gear to talk about.

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Best of the 80s

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